About Copyright.uk

About Copyright.uk

About Copyright.uk

Copyright.uk is edited by Copyright Int Ltd., founded by inventive team of lawyers and engineers.

After solving many technical problems like cryptography, secure data base, secure storage for registrations and legal challenge, Copyright Int ltd launched websites dedicated to copyright protection.

Copyright.uk is your partner at every step to provide you an efficient Copyright protection in 176 countries:

We started Copyright.uk with our lawyers and experts in information processing in the legal field and IA for recording and providing evidence on Copyright Law for your creative capital.

Actually our team is working also on new technology based on Blockchain in order to have the first certified network of copyright on blockchain in order to add a several additional protection to the actual system based on public notary to prove your ownership on a creation.

Why choosing us and not another company... because we guarantee :

  • Speed: Instant Deposit 24H/24H
  • Reliability: Copyright certified by a public notary
  • Repudiation: The copyright proof is irrefutable
  • Accessibility: Dashboard, history of copyright protection, tools and more ...
  • Coordination: Immediate timestamping and protection by the public notary.
  • Conservation: Triple Backup your data with you by e
  • mail for life and subscription storage and customer support. Storage at public notary office independently of the subscription.
  • International validity: Copyright valid in the 176 countries signatory of the Berne Convention.

Finally Copyright.uk is enabling a registration service for your creative works (lyrics, logo, photography, book...). Our service provide you for each creative work and in real time, a proof of anteriority against counterfeiter. By registering your creative work at our public notary, we timestamp a certain date to it. It's your copyright certificate online. Therefore, you are able to prove you are the first creator and then claim the copyright. In case of conflict, such a proof is the key element to provide, in condition of originality to win any counterfeiting litigation!