© Copyright Symbol

© Copyright Symbol

Understanding the Copyright Symbol ©: Its History and Modern Use

The History of the Copyright Symbol

The copyright symbol ©, commonly referred to as the "circle-c", was first introduced in the United States with the Copyright Act of 1909. Before this, copyright protections were indicated through explicit text. The introduction of the © symbol provided a standardized visual cue that an item's intellectual property rights were protected, facilitating the international recognition of copyrights under agreements like the Berne Convention.

The Copyright Symbol in European Union Law

While not mandatory under European Union law, the copyright symbol © is widely used by creators to indicate that their work is protected by copyright law. This symbol, when accompanied by a notarized certificate of protection, can enhance legal protection and serve as a deterrent against infringement.

Berne Convention on Copyright Protection

The Berne Convention establishes that authors of literary and artistic works shall enjoy the exclusive right to authorize translations and other reproductions of their works during the protection term of their original works. This international agreement ensures that copyrighted works are respected across the member countries.

How to Use the Copyright Symbol

To display the © symbol in HTML, the code © should be used. On other software platforms, pressing ALT while typing 0169 on the numeric keypad will produce the copyright symbol. This symbol is applicable to both digital and printed content, but its use should be supported by actual proof of copyright registration.

Online Copyright Registration

Services like Copyright.uk allow creators to register their work online in real-time. This copyright registration is recognized in the 176 countries that are part of the Berne Convention, providing broad international protection for copyrighted materials.

Copyright Symbol in Images

Below please find some copyright symbols in images:
copyright symbol
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