Files to be registered with final details

Maximum size Copyright filing

To make sure your filings are processed as quickly as possible and to ensure complete security for everything you send, here is how to send us your files for copyright registrations.

-If the size of your file is less than 8 Mb, you can easily upload it from your secure customer space (access Customer account/file/secure upload/proof by e-mail/history online.

-Otherwise you can send us your files in any (or almost any) format, in a size under 2 Gb (2000 Mb) by FTP (Yousendit, for example), on a disk (CD, DVD).

a /If a file weighs more than 8 Mb, we will have to try to reduce the size

b/ If the operation is impossible, we will archive your original file and will file the MD5 (unique digital imprint strictly equivalent to your file). 

These two manual processing methods are billed at 10 EUROS/500 Mb.