Any order or purchase of one of the services featured on, a site operated by Copyright int ltd LTD., registered with the Commercial and Companies Register of Créteil, France ID Number : 500 790 910, and implanted in 24-25 nassau street W1W 7AQ London United Kingdom, implies unreserved acceptance by the customer and his full and complete agreement with the present general terms of business which prevail over any other document of the buyer. Any document other than the present general terms of business, in particular catalogues, prospectuses, advertising, notices, has only an informative and indicative value, not contractual.

The customer acknowledges that he is adequately informed on the functions, merits and limitations of the filing system.


The services of make use of an electronic time-stamping system that gives every digital file a date certain, which is also certified by a court bailiff.

Principal Service: Based on the site, the service features a service of digital filing certified by court bailiff or notary, according to choice and availability, at the customer’s discretion, of any work (models, pleas, texts, stories, words, photographs…) constituting a means of proof of the paternity of this creation and conferring upon it a date certain.

Other services: the other services available on the site are: Web-Copyright-capture: periodic capture and filing of Web site content; WEB-Copyright-LRAR: registered e-mail with filing with a ministerial official; WEB-Copyright-RJC: validation and filing of game and contest rules and regulations; WEB-TIRAGE: random drawing with automatic registration of the results with the court bailiff. According to the offer selected, takes charge of the filing with the bailiff and the publication of game and contest rules and regulations, or the drafting, filing and publication of the game and contest rules and regulations. . For the Web capture service, only pages accessible from a Web browser without login or password can be processed by the robots. Otherwise registration by classic copyright (manual) would be the only approach available to the customer.


The filing services offered by are marketed in the form of tokens, either as package deals or by the unit. Each token entitles the customer to file a digital file or use one unit of value from among the services offered.

Tokens are valid without limitation of time and until the tokens purchased are used up.

If tokens purchased by the customer are not used, and after the legal return period for online purchases, whether as part of a package deal or purchased by the unit, no request for partial or full reimbursement will be accepted. The use of a service of registration or consultation of pages of documentation or document templates made available to customers of the site would naturally cause the loss of any right to make any return, and no reimbursement will be considered.

The signing (acceptance of the present clause by clicking during registration) of a contract is irrevocable, and the amounts owed under any contract signed and accepted throughout the registration procedure must be paid to, whether or not the customer utilises the services purchased.

Access to the filing is conditional on payment in advance of the full amount of the contract price. The customer is solely responsible for paying all amounts billed under the present contract. The present contract may not be assigned or transferred and is established for the exclusive use of the customer whose identity appears in the contract.


Upon payment in full of the price of the contract, activates, in user name chosen by the customer, a count directly accessible to him from the member space located on the site. This account enables the customer to make the filings he wants and to view the history of his filings, and the balance of tokens available.

Filings are made directly online by the customer, who receives a return e-mail accompanied by a time-stamp receipt for the file filed, by, the customer having previously made the recipient of the works to be filed, preferably in the form of a digital file.

Unless otherwise stated, the sending of a file or CD-RFOM or postal mail will not be accepted and will be destroyed before any search or registration operation. Only registered customers whose amounts owed are up to date can utilise our services, solely through their customer account online via

customer to request that a staff member of go to the customer and photograph his models, and more generally the

In the event of a dispute between a customer and a third party, at the customer’s request and expense, provides the second original of the filing made with the bailiff.

For automated Web site content filing services, it is not possible to use this system to file pages accessible from a form with login and password. The desired filing must be done manually by the customer.


The prices of the various packages are indicated on the site ay the “Prices” page and are given in Euros, excluding tax; VAT at the current legal rate must be added. reserves the right to change its prices at any time, so that the packages will be on the basis of the prices in effect at the time they are subscribed or renewed. A filing is understood as the registration of a digital file with a maximum size of 7.5Mb. Over that size, a digital imprint by MD5 imprint that will be filed in place of the original file.

ARTICLE-6:’S OBLIGATIONS undertakes to:

-satisfy the demands of its customers within the limits of the capacity of the systems it operates and the quality constraints of its services;

-use all the means at its disposal to enable execution of its filing service but is bound by an obligation of means, considering especially the unique features of the electronic tool, and recourse to outside service providers,

-take all appropriate measures to ensure the protection and confidentiality of the personal information it holds and processes in compliance with the provisions of Law 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to information technology, files and freedom, and reserves the right, unless the customer indicates otherwise, to communicate said information to market research firms and opinion-survey institutions, solely for purposes of study and analysis, or to companies as part of joint or other commercial operations.


The customer undertakes to:

-provide precise and accurate coordinates when registering.

-give a valid e-mail address where filing receipts will be received,

-send, at his expense, by uploading on the Web site, the digital documents or files to be filed,

-immediately notify of any change in corporate name or form, or other, upon penalty of invalidity.

ARTICLE-8: LIMITATION OF GUARANTEES is not liable for the content of the filing, and it is the responsibility of the customer, who files his own files or who sends them for filing to COPYRIGHT. BE, to make certain of the quality of the documents sent, such as the legibility of the texts, visibility of the photographs, highlighting of the original features of the work,….Likewise, the customer must make certain, in using the other services, especially the game and contest rules and regulations, that the documents sent are compliant with laws prohibiting lotteries and games or contests with financial participation of players. The involvement of in editing (if possible) or analysing the legal validity of game or contest rules and regulations is limited respectively to two hours and one round-trip with our bailiff's study. In this case an estimate would be proposed and the amounts already paid would be acquired by is a third party enabling electronic time-stamping who does not guarantee the absence of anteriority or the originality of the work filed; it is the customer’s responsibility to make certain of the absence of rights on the models he files. The customer acknowledges that he must make certain that the filing proceeds well and that he receives by e-mail the proof of filing immediately after requesting registration. It is incumbent on the customer to inform us within a maximum of eight business days that an error has occurred in loading the file, so that we can respond and/or the registration can be done again. No other claim will be accepted.

The customer acknowledges that may not be held liable in the event of direct or indirect damage of which the present contract could be the cause or occasion, including in the event that was informed of the existence of a risk.

The customer acknowledges that the filing does not create intellectual property rights and that it constitutes a means of proof.


Annual contracts signed with have a term of one year from the date of signing. They are automatically renewed at the end of the year’s subscription, if the customer does not send a registered letter with confirmation of receipt received by within 30 days prior to the contract’s anniversary date.The Amount to be renewed, will be equivalent to the plan purchased the previous year. In case the customer buys more than one plan during the same period, the amount to be renewed will be for the higher cost package.

Any cancellation made during the year has no immediate effect on the subscription under way, which continues to its term, and does not entitle the customer to reimbursement for unused tokens, and has the effect of preventing automatic renewal of the contract. Only cancellations made by registered letter with confirmation of receipt will be considered. For other contracts (package without time limit, unit price, filing of game or contest rules and regulations, registered e-mail), no tacit or other renewal is required.


The customer authorises to publish, after its filing date, in its databank consultable online from the site, certain information on the filings and their filers, i.e., filer’s name, filing date, category of work filed, title of the work.


When the customer is a merchant, any dispute arising in the interpretation, conclusion, or execution of the present contract will be brought before the Commercial Court of Paris or London.