How Can I Protect and Prove Ownership Through Copyright?

How Can I Protect and Prove Ownership Through Copyright?

Protect Your Intellectual Property

One of the cornerstones of any civilized society comes with intellectual property, which is all about creativity in a way that solves society's problems. Whether you have come up with a way to make sure houses are waterproof and soundproof or you know how to cure cancer or you have come up with a replacement for shoelaces, good ideas are how society moves forward. And the best way to encourage more ideas is to make sure that the most creative people out there benefit greatly from their ideas and creativity. That is why the United Kingdom allows creative people to protect their creativity by protecting it under copyright law.

Legally speaking, as soon as you create something, you own all of the rights to it. However, if your ownership is ever challenged in any way, you will need a lot more than your word to take advantage of the copyright laws that protect you. That is why we created We provide a secure location where you can register and deposit your creativity, whether it's a book, an article, an idea, a business plan, or anything creative that can be described in detail.

How We Protect Your Creative Work

When you make a copyright deposit of anything creative, it is important to make it as detailed as possible. One or two sentences are difficult to protect. However, if your idea is extremely detailed and you deposit it with us, the protection is instantaneous. The registration and deposit of your creative work not only establishes your ownership but also establishes a date certain of its creation, which means that anyone who comes after you with the same work or something confusingly similar will know that you own it and that yours came first. Your deposit establishes priority of copyright and is incontestable proof of copyright. The deposit becomes your official witness of your rights.

When you file for copyright protection with, your protection is valid for life. Your work is handled carefully by officials who are obligated by law to retain everything deposited with the utmost care, in an integrated system that makes all deposits unalterable. That certifies their authenticity and keeps them pristine. In all cases, your idea is immediately retrievable at any time by you, so that you can always demonstrate proof of your rights to that design.

In the United Kingdom, as long as your creative work is highly unique and creative, it will qualify for copyright protection. You will always be able to protect your idea and to demonstrate ownership of your idea and that it predates the copy, provides you with a secure location for your work, and it provides you with the means to stop any infringing party in their tracks. Also, when you make a copyright deposit in the UK, that protection is valid in all 171 countries that have signed on to the Berne Convention. That means your idea is protected internationally.

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